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Pharma-Funded Blindness: UK Cardiologist Says Vaccine Harms Wilfully Ignored

ByRebekah Barnett
Dr Aseem Malhotra, leaning on a railing. He has a stethoscope around his neck, and wears a light blue shirt. In the background, a city skyline and river.

The Author

Rebekah Barnett is a freelance writer and advocate for the Covid vaccine-injured. Read her work at Dystopian Down Under.

The COVID vaccines should never have been approved, and the rollout should be suspended pending further inquiry, says British cardiologist and public health campaigner, Dr Aseem Malhotra. Touring Australia with the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society, Dr Malhotra is calling for honesty, transparency and accountability from the medical profession and drug regulators, to amend what he believes to be, “perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime.”

Dr Malhotra was one of the first Britons to receive two doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, in January 2021. “I thought I was going to protect my patients,” he told Umbrella News while in Australia this month. He now realises this was “wishful thinking.”

Like many doctors, Dr Malhotra considers traditional vaccination to be one of the safest medical interventions in the history of medicine, and it was with this mindset that he approached the COVID vaccine rollout. “I had always put vaccines in a very special category as being untouchable,” says Dr Malhotra, joking that he’s had so many vaccines that he has scars on his left arm from the needles.

As a public health campaigner of over a decade, Dr Malhotra appeared on Good Morning Britain early in the rollout to address COVID vaccine hesitancy in high-risk groups from ethnic minority backgrounds. In the segment, Dr Malhotra acknowledged valid concerns that people might have, such as the pharmaceutical industry’s history of fraud, and the fact that prescribed medications are a leading cause of death in the West. Nevertheless, he believed that for high-risk groups, these vaccines were safe and effective.

Several months later, an unfortunate event prompted Dr Malhotra to review the evidence of COVID vaccine safety and efficacy himself. What he discovered triggered a profound reversal of his position on the COVID vaccines.

In July of 2021, Dr Malhotra’s 73-year-old father, Dr Kailash Chand OBE, suffered a cardiac arrest and died. Like his son, Dr Chand was a fit and active doctor, and he had taken two doses of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine six months prior. A post-mortem showed that two of his arteries had major blockages. Dr Malhotra knew his father’s cardiac history intimately and could find no plausible explanation for his sudden death (Dr Chand had not had Covid).

“I automatically thought ‘this is very bizarre, something has happened to cause a rapid increase in blockages in his arteries’,” says Dr Malhotra. It wasn’t until the end of 2021 that Dr Malhotra came across a peer-reviewed publication in the journal Circulation, which revealed a plausible explanation for his father’s death. Namely, the association of the mRNA COVID vaccines with increased inflammatory markers and increased risk of coronary events.

From there, Dr Malhotra spent nine months critically appraising the data on the mRNA vaccines, before publishing two peer-reviewed papers in the Journal of Insulin Resistance*, in September of 2022. Dr Malhotra concluded that the vaccines were doing more harm than good, and that persistent and widespread misinformation about the risks and benefits of the products, even in medical professional circles, was undermining the legal and ethical requirement for fully informed consent.

From this point on, Dr Malhotra has publicly called for the suspension of the mRNA COVID vaccines until a thorough investigation is carried out.

Of all the data Dr Malhotra has reviewed regarding the safety and efficacy of the mRNA COVID vaccines, there is one paper in particular which he says, “blows it out of the water and is enough to call for suspension.” He’s referring to a peer-reviewed independent reanalysis of Pfizer and Moderna’s own trial data – the trials that led to the approval of the vaccines in the first place – published in the journal Vaccine in September 2022.

“They found you were more likely from the beginning to suffer serious harm from the vaccine (disability, life-changing event, hospitalisation) … than to be hospitalised with Covid during the ancestral strain of the virus,” Dr Malhotra explains. Based on the trial data, the mRNA COVID vaccines, “should never have been approved for use in a single human in the first place. That’s a no-brainer. That shouldn’t even be debated.”

Such a statement begs questions. Why is the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccine not being debated? Why are our regulatory bodies, politicians and medical professionals charging forward with the COVID vaccine program, despite mounting evidence of harm?

“This is wilful blindness,” Dr Malhotra says.The medical establishment and the government are burying their heads in the sand to something that is truly horrific – because it is truly horrific.” Dr Malhotra puts this blindness down to indoctrination rather than malicious intent. “I think it is not helped by the fact that 96 per cent of the funding to the TGA comes from Big Pharma,” he adds, before paraphrasing sociologist Donald Light: “The public and doctors must be aware that as long as the regulators receive money from pharma, they can’t be trusted.”

When asked for his expert opinion on the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) assertion that only 14 out of 986 reported deaths are likely to be related to COVID vaccination, Dr Malhotra laughs. “This is unscientific nonsense. The TGA are living in cloud cuckoo land.”

In medicine, diagnoses are often made on probabilities, Dr Malhotra explains. But in the case of vaccine harm, regulators have, “set the bar impossibly high, almost, to make a clear link between a vaccine and an injury, or the vaccine and death.” Dr Malhotra points out that this high bar is in stark contrast to the “very low threshold for counting COVID deaths.”

Whether or not the TGA admit it, there’s no question that COVID vaccines are causing significant harm, says Dr Malhotra, noting significant non-COVID related excess deaths in Australia and globally. “With the evidence we have already about the COVID vaccines and serious harms, especially to the cardiovascular system, it’s overwhelming,” he says, citing data from double-blind randomised control trials, pharmacovigilance databases, observational studies, autopsies, clinical experience, and the WHO-endorsed Brighton Collaboration.

The problem is not the lack of evidence, but that it’s being ignored. “This is a psychological barrier, it’s not a factual barrier,” says Dr Malhotra, acknowledging that accepting the evidence of COVID vaccine harm can be, “extremely emotionally traumatic for a lot of people, so it’s easier to avoid discussing it and to pretend that it doesn’t exist.” However, he warns that the longer the evidence of harm goes unacknowledged and unaddressed, the longer it will take to rebuild public trust in medicine and public health – trust which is widely reported to be flatlining in Western countries.

In Dr Malhotra’s view, we did not arrive here due to a battle between good and evil, or because of a global depopulation plan. Rather, this is the result of a systemic failure that has to be fixed at the root. Dr Malhotra elucidates, “Over the last few decades, we have increasing, unchecked, both visible and invisible power by very powerful corporate entities that often, in their pursuit for profit, behave like psychopaths.” Such psychopathic behaviour (deceitful, manipulative, incapable of experiencing guilt) in the context of the COVID vaccine rollout has led to what Dr Malhotra calls, “perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime.”

Dr Malhotra believes that the situation can be ameliorated, but only if those who participated in the COVID vaccine rollout admit their error. “In good medical practice we’re taught…if mistakes happen or something goes wrong, you should apologise,” says Dr Malhotra, who went through exactly this process himself after he reviewed the emerging evidence and changed his position on the vaccines.

Rebuilding trust is at the centre of Dr Malhotra’s vision for the future, and this will hang on a commitment to honesty, transparency, and accountability. “What patients want is [for] doctors to be honest, and to know they’re acting in good faith,” says Dr Malhotra, who sees the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society (AMPS) as leading the way in this respect.

Many of the AMPS doctors and nurses lost their jobs for their principled stand on COVID vaccines and mandates. Dr Malhotra suggests that reinstating and compensating these healthcare professionals will be part of the healing process for the Australian public and the medical profession.

On a personal level, Dr Malhotra counsels compassion and empathy. “It isn’t about good and evil and us versus them, because a lot of the people who aren’t awake yet are our friends and family members,” he says. “I’ve become estranged from some of my closest friends over this issue. Families have been split apart. Are we saying that our friends and families are evil? I don’t think so… We need to have empathy for those people so that we can have the conversations.”

Dr Malhotra is optimistic about the future. In his decade or so of public health campaigning, he has ruffled feathers in the food and pharmaceutical industries before, and has been instrumental in bringing awareness and policy change. “The truth will win out,” he says with confidence. “But we have to fight for that truth.”

Dr Malhotra will be speaking at a final event in Perth on Saturday 10 June, along with world-leading experts Dr Naomi Wolf, Ed Dowd and Julian Assange’s father John Shipton, on the topics of censorship and medical corruption. Purchase tickets to the Perth event here, or register for livestream tickets here.

*Dr Malhotra is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Insulin Resistance. He has said that this was one of the more rigorous peer reviews his work has undergone.



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