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About Umbrella News​

Umbrella News is a small media venture that aims to promote civic and personal agency through fact-based news and balanced opinion. Our focus is on issues primarily related to the state of Victoria, Australia. Here, as elsewhere, profound societal and political change is taking place that urgently needs discussion, debate and understanding. Although we’re starting small, our hope is that by becoming trusted and respected by our readers we will grow – both in content and geographic coverage.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.  

Our Approach​

At Umbrella News, we believe that many facts and opinions in Victoria – and in the world at large – are not receiving adequate coverage.  We want to add our voice to the growing number who are trying to remedy this situation.  We are not politically affiliated and a wide range of views can be found among our contributors. Truth, for us, is a many-sided thing and so we want to share as many different facts and opinions as possible, and to hopefully generate consensus.

Editorial Team​

The Umbrella editorial team are founder and publisher Maslyn Salt and editor Sebastian Salt.


We are seeking to broaden the areas covered and we welcome submissions that lead to understanding and discussion of what is happening in Victoria today. Umbrella News adheres to the MEAA Code of Ethics and the APC General Statement of Principles. Contributors to Umbrella should familiarise themselves with and apply these ethics and principles.


If you believe we have made a factual error, or that our reporting breaches our ethical guidelines, please contact us at editor@umbrellanews.com.au. We will review all complaints and amend any errors if they can be substantiated.

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If you have leads for stories or confidential information that should be investigated, please contact us at confidential@umbrellanews.com.au

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